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All praises to the most high

As an artist, JX.Zero's goal is to go platinum while also spreading awareness about important issues. In his free time, he wants to enjoy life with his family and take his passion to new heights. Ultimately, JX.Zero's goal is to have a good time and live life one day at a time.

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to happines

Since rising to fame, everyone has tried to impose their will on me and dictate my choices and who I should be. I refuse to let them derail me from my purpose or change me. Despite the temptation of money and fame, I stayed true to myself and am choosing to be an artist while also being human. My new project, "I Only Came Here To Be Myself," expresses my development in accepting my calling and showcases my versatility. It is meant to be listened to in order to fully understand the story and message. This project is honest, a part of my truth, and a statement of who I am.